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How Much Do Skylight Blinds Cost?

A skylight is always an attractive feature in any home. It adds variety to a room, lets light into loft spaces, and brightens up a dim winter’s day.

To get even more aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, a skylight blind is a great addition. It keeps out heat and glaring sun on a summer day. Plus, it provides insulation for your home in the winter, saving on heating bills. And, last but not least, it can also add to the attractiveness of your room.

If you’re considering making this step to improve your home, you might then be wondering: how much do skylight blinds cost? While you’ll want a good deal, it’s important to not buy the cheapest skylight blinds.

We’re here to help. In this piece, we’ll break down the details of skylight blinds pricing and how to make the decision about which blind to choose.

What kind of skylight blind do you need?

When it comes to how much skylight blinds cost, you’ll need to start by determining what sort of skylight blind you want. You might think about starting with online retailers or even by making a skylight blind yourself.

However, if you want a blind that works well and lasts, these aren’t the best options. You want to be able to easily open and close your blind as needed, and that’s not really possible with something homemade. You also need something that fits your specific skylight’s dimensions, which can vary greatly. Lastly, your skylight blind needs to be secure in place and look seamless, which means professional fitting. A good fit also ensures good insulation, which keeps energy costs down as it keeps heat in.

For these reasons and more, a custom-made skylight blind is really the only way to go. The best made-to-measure skylight blinds also offer customisation options for colour and more. You can make a statement with a splash of colour or choose a muted neutral that suits you.

How much do skylight blinds cost when they’re custom-made? Costs can vary based on the size of the skylight and other specifications, but pricing can start around £130.

Measurement, installation and more

When you’re calculating your skylight blinds’ cost, keep in mind that you’ll need a professional installation and possibly aftercare during the life of your blind. You’ll want to ensure that your skylight blind comes with these services included – it saves money and also ensures a smooth job that’s done by the same people from start to finish.

This is exactly what you get with made-to-measure skylight blinds from North Blinds. We’re experts in bespoke skylight blinds and can offer a wide range of choices to fit your needs and tastes, including motorised and even solar-powered blinds. We’ll visit your home for free to take a look at your skylight, give advice, discuss options and take measurements. Installation and care for the blind once it’s installed are also included. So, the price that we quote to you is exactly your skylight blind’s cost at the end of the day.

Curious about fabric options, colour options and more? Stop by our page about our skylight blinds services or call us at 01756 802810 to arrange a free home visit.

Starting in 2018, North Blinds became a trusted name in Yorkshire for blinds. We do more than just install blinds, aiming to give custom solutions to make spaces look and work better. With over a thousand successful blind installations, including many skylight blinds, our experience shows!

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