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Is North Blinds Right For Me?

What sort of Blinds Buyer are you?

Probably not a question you’ve ever thought about. But, you’re on our website and we do blinds, so now’s a good time to think about it.  

To help you decide, click on the phrase are you most likely to say?

You’re a “DIYer”

You’ve got your own tool belt. You know your way around a tape measure. You know which is the business end of a drill.

But, do you know:

Which bit of your window to measure? 

Which blinds fit your window and which don’t?

What’s underneath your wall? 

Do you have a concrete or steel lintel? 

Which colours and styles will work best in your room?

Selecting and installing the right blind for your room isn’t as easy as you think. Don’t pay twice for the wrong blind. Pay once and get it right. First time.

Undo your tool belt, wind your tape measure in and contact us now

You’re a “Life Balancer”

You spend all week at work. You value your quality time with your family. You want to spend your weekends having some fun.

Let’s face it, taking your family for a trip out to a blind showroom is not going to be fun. It’s going to be painful. Kids have no interest in interior design. They’ll get bored. They’ll run around. You’ll get distracted. You’re trying to remember exactly what colour your walls are while telling some small people to leave the remote control blinds alone. You’ll get stressed and your quality time won’t have much quality.

Wouldn’t it be easier for the showroom to come to you? And at a convenient time which doesn’t impact on your quality time? We have a full range of colour and fabric samples we’ll bring to your home and you can make a decision based on the actual colour of your walls and the style of your room.

You’re a “Self-Reflector”

You know what you’re good at. You know what you enjoy doing. You know that DIY isn’t either of those things. You’ve enough failed DIY projects under your belt to know, sometimes, it’s better to get an expert.

You’re not alone. Many of our customers know the frustration of sitting among a pile of random fixtures and fittings, looking for part number 23(B) and shouting “Why is nothing ever easy?”

We take all that hassle away. We measure. We advise on styles and colours. We then come and install your blinds while you do something you’d rather be doing.

In short, we make life easy for you.

Put your”DIY for Dummies” book back on the shelf and contact us today


You’re a “Trend-Setter”

When it comes to furnishing and styling your house, you don’t follow the herd down to Ikea at the weekend. You want something unusual. Your own style. You don’t want something that your friends also have.

At North Blinds, we understand that feeling. The combinations of types of blinds, colours and fabrics we supply are huge. Your house, your decor, your style are all unique to you, so why spoil it with a mass-produced blind that everyone else has?

Go bespoke. Go luxury. Go quality. That’s what we do.

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