Roman Blinds

You don’t have to be in Rome to ‘do as the Romans do’ when it comes to blinds. They may date back 2000 years to the height of the glorious Roman Empire, but this style of window dressing is still with us and still trendy. That tells you something! The simple up/down style featuring one piece of fabric makes them easy to use and a great way to add a dash of vibrant design to make your window a design feature to contrast with plain walls.

What are they made of?

Roman blinds are infinitely versatile, so we can offer you 600 tailor-made designs and colour options, from see-through airy voile to rich and warm textured fabrics with thermal benefits. The mechanism for opening and closing your blinds can feature different types of chain or string according to your preference.

We recommend roman blinds for:

1. Bedrooms where achieving blackout is better for sleep
2. Adding a dash of personality to any room with a striking fabric design
3. Keeping your room warm
4. Providing high-quality window dressing in a compact alternative to curtains

For a taste of the fabulous range of roman blinds we have for you to choose from, why not take a peek and learn more.

Our Installations:

How much are we talking for these?

The price of your Roman blind will depend on the size of window and your choice of fabric, but to give you a clue, this type of blind generally starts from

See something you fancy?

Simply call Lucas or Chris on 01756 802810 to arrange a free home visit to discuss what you need.

We’ll measure the windows, show you fabrics and give you a competitive quotation for Roman blinds or any other kind you’d like to consider.

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