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What Blinds are Best for Skylights?

Skylights are a fantastic addition to almost any room. They can be eye-catching and unique, offer a little glimpse of the sky and nature and brighten up and offer ventilation to a dim space.

However, many skylights don’t come with blinds, and that can be a problem. When it’s cold, an uncovered skylight can let the heat out and if it’s hot, you’ll find yourself unshielded from the blazing sun. What’s more, the high, often tilted locations and varying sizes of skylights make them harder to cover than an ordinary window.

So what blinds are best for skylights? We’ll run down some points you’ll need to consider when you’re looking for the best skylight blinds for your home.

Made-to-measure, off-the-shelf or DIY?

Although many people can DIY a curtain, or at least hem one from a shop, blinds for skylights really aren’t something that you can make at home. You’ll want a blind that easily opens and closes without hanging down or falling, and that requires professional components.

How about looking to buy skylight blinds online? Well, one difficulty here is that skylights can vary so widely in size. It can be very difficult to find one that has just the right dimensions. Even more importantly, for safety reasons, you want a blind that’s professionally installed and won’t fall down on someone’s head out of the blue! This is just one of the reasons why you should avoid cheap skylight blinds.All this means that the best blinds for skylights are really made-to-measure. You’ll get a blind that fits your skylight exactly, opens and closes smoothly and looks good too. For extra ease and comfort, you can even get a motorised and solar-powered option, making opening and closing your blinds a breeze.

How about costs? Actually, even the best skylight blinds don’t have to break the bank when they’re bespoke. Costs typically start at around £130. And don’t forget to factor in the savings you’ll get from keeping heat in during the winter, reducing heating bills.

What colour fits your space?

Skylight blinds are actually a great opportunity to add a little pop of colour to your space. If you like a minimalist, simple look then options in white or cream might be the best skylight blinds for you. However, if the colour palette in your space is brighter, then the best blinds for skylights in your room might be raspberry pink, daffodil yellow or even patterned.

The benefit of custom-made skylight blinds is that you should get to choose exactly which colours would suit the look you’re going for.

Top Tip: Are Custom Skylight Blinds Worth It?

Choosing the very best skylight blinds for you

So, what blinds are best for skylights in your home? Made-to-measure blinds that look great, fit perfectly, open and close smoothly – and can be installed in an easy, no-hassle process.

When you get your made-to-measure skylight blinds from North Blinds, we take care of every step of the journey, from advice and measurement to installation to aftercare. And there are no charges for our visits to measure and install, and no hidden costs. The only thing you pay for is the very best skylight blinds for you.

For more details, take a look at our page on skylight blinds – or just give us a call on 01756 802810 to arrange a free home visit. We’ll talk about your needs, measure the skylight, show you fabric options and give you a competitive quotation.

From 2018, North Blinds has grown to be a reliable name in Yorkshire for blinds. Our effort goes beyond just fitting blinds, aiming to provide custom solutions that boost the looks and function of spaces. With over a thousand successful blind jobs, including lots of skylight blinds, our expertise is clear.

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