Pleated Blinds

OK, so pleated blinds are super smart in both senses of the word. They look great but they also have clever functional features, such as thermal pockets or aluminium coating to help with shade and insulation, Perfect Fit cordless options that fit within frames, and child-safety mechanisms.

We provide them in a range of colours and subtle designs for you to browse when we bring our showroom to you.

How do they work?

Pleated blinds are made of a fabric that is folded like a concertina, horizontally stacked, so that as you open and close your blind, it straightens or folds as you move it up and down. We can even provide pleated blinds which can open and close from the top or bottom, so you can effectively shade the middle part of your window – clever, eh? You can’t get curtains to do that!

Lucas and Chris recommend pleated blinds for:

1. Maximum light and shade options for conservatories
2. Stylish dressing for doors and windows
3. Bedrooms where warmth and blackout options are a bonus

For a taste of the fabulous range of versatile blinds we have for you to choose from, why not take a peek and learn more.

Our Installations:

How much are we talking for these?

The price of your pleated blinds will depend on the size of your windows and the options you choose, but to give you a clue, this type of blind generally starts from

Simply call Lucas or Chris on 01756 802810 to arrange a free home visit so we can show you the quality of these versatile blinds.

We’ll measure up, show you all the fabric options and give you a competitive quotation.

Then when you’re ready we’ll install them promptly and help you care for them in the future.

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