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Are Custom Skylight Blinds Worth It?

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When it comes to updating your home, there are always decisions to be made about the worth of an investment. How should you weigh factors like durability, quality and appearance against cost?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in blinds for your skylight, you might find yourself considering just these sorts of questions. Custom skylight blinds are a possibility, but are they worth it?

Here, we list three reasons why custom skylight blinds are more than worth it.

1. Custom skylight blinds are made to last

Custom skylight blinds that are made by professionals just for your skylight are built to last. This isn’t a rush job made in a factory, but a piece of craftsmanship created by experts.

What’s more, wooden frames and cloth are more durable and more easily repaired than plastic. And most importantly, the best custom skylight blinds providers, like us, will provide aftercare for your skylight blinds throughout their long lifespan – at no additional cost.

The bottom line is that cheaper products cost less in the short term, but they’ll break or fall into disrepair sooner, and you’ll find yourself spending more money again.

2. Custom skylight blinds fit your needs exactly

A central appeal of remodelling and improving your home is that you can choose everything to fit your exact needs, requirements and preferences.

That’s the core idea behind bespoke skylight blinds, too. You’re not just restricted to shades of cream and white – a whole spectrum of colours is available for you to choose. You can also choose the kind of opening and closing mechanism you prefer, including a solar-powered motorised mechanism that makes using the blind a breeze.

And, of course, a custom skylight blind will fit your skylight precisely, with no unsightly gaps or mismatches. You’ll get peak functionality and peak visual appeal too.

With a skylight blind that’s off the shelf, you’re far more limited in your choices. And if your skylight is unusually sized, you might find it difficult to get a skylight blind that fits it just right.

3. Custom skylight blinds don’t have to be hugely costly

Custom skylight blinds could cost less than you think. At North Blinds, we offer a complete full-service skylight blind installation starting at around £130, depending on individual needs and requirements. And the figure we’ll quote you includes everything:

There are no hidden fees – it’s all a part of the service.

Learn more about our custom skylight blinds service

Our smooth service keeps things simple, avoiding any hitches arising when different people create and install your skylight blinds. Since we’ve made your custom skylight blind ourselves, we understand exactly how it works and how to install it perfectly.

Ready to get started? Stop by our skylight blinds page to learn more about our wide range of options for custom skylight blinds, including a glimpse at some of our many colour choices. You can also call 01756 802810 to set up our free visit to your home to look at your skylight and chat about options.

With a rich history dating back to 2018, North Blinds has established itself as a trusted name in the blinds industry in Yorkshire. Our dedication goes beyond mere installations. We strive to provide tailored solutions to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of spaces. The robust portfolio of over a thousand successful blind installations, including many skylight blinds.

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