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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Skylight Blinds

Skylight blinds are a small addition to your home that can make a huge difference. Keeping out glare at the wrong time of day and keeping in warmth during the winter are functions that make day-to-day life easier and save money on energy bills, too.

So, if you’ve decided to opt for skylight blinds, what’s the next step? Will cheap skylight blinds do the trick?

Actually, as with many things in life, spending money on the cheapest option is likely to end in disappointment. We run down three major reasons why cheap skylight blinds are actually more wasteful than high-quality ones.

1. The value of expertise

Firstly, before you spend money on skylight blinds, it’s best to get professional advice about the best skylight blind for you. Most people don’t know much about blinds or skylights in general – and why would they? That’s why you need an expert to give advice about what will work in your space and the functions you’ll need from your skylight blinds.

If you aim to buy cheap skylight blinds without the guidance of professionals, you might find yourself spending money on something that turns out to be a mistake later on.

2. Quality and durability

Haven’t we all had the experience of buying something cheap only to see it fall apart a few days later?

When it comes to skylight blinds, quality matters. Cheap skylight blinds can have poor components that may break or fall into disrepair quickly. The end result is a waste of money – and possibly an eyesore.

When you opt for a made-to-measure skylight blind crafted by experts (which are definitely worth it!), you’ll have invested in a blind that will look good and work well for years to come.

3. The importance of professional fitting

If you buy cheap skylight blinds by themselves, you’ll find yourself looking for a service to fit them properly. But this can cause problems. When you buy a blind separately, your fitters won’t necessarily know how the blind works or how best to install it. Plus, your fitters aren’t responsible for any issues with the blind. So if you need repairs to the blind later, there’s no one you can call.

Even more importantly, keep in mind that skylight blinds attach to the ceiling overhead, meaning that poorly fitted, cheap skylight blinds can be dangerous. If they fall, they can actually injure someone.

Lastly, since skylight blinds are so visible in a room, you’re just going to want them to be installed professionally so that they look good.

Do high-quality skylight blinds need to break the bank?

No! The alternative to cheap skylight blinds doesn’t have to be ultra-expensive ones. North Blinds offers made-to-measure skylight blinds starting at around £130, depending on the individual requirements of the client. Our high-quality blinds are made to fit your skylight perfectly, to work beautifully and to last. And we provide a full service starting with measuring and advice through to fitting and aftercare throughout the life of your blind – all at no extra cost.

Take a look at our skylight blinds page to see more about our many colour options, mechanism options and more. Or just call us at 01756 802810 to ask us to visit your home and discuss what you need.

Since 2018, North Blinds has been a go-to in Yorkshire for blinds. Our work goes past just installations, as we aim to offer personalised solutions to improve the look and use of spaces. With a strong record of over a thousand successful blind installations, many being skylight blinds, our knowledge is solid.

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