Venetian Blinds

Now here’s an interesting fact. Venetian blinds probably didn’t originate in Venice, rather they were discovered by Venetian traders visiting Persia. Evidently they thought these horizontal slatted window dressings were pretty clever, same as we do, and pinched the idea. Soon these blinds featured widely in their romantic floating city and eventually across the rest of Europe and the world.

So, back to Yorkshire. We offer you three types of made-to-measure ‘Venetian’ blinds:

Wooden Venetian blinds
Perfect for people who love natural products and biophilic living, these put the beauty of wood to work on your windows.

Faux Wood Venetian blinds
Although these look like real wood we reckon they are the best option for hot and damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms as they are super resilient to steam.

We’re thrilled to be working with this brand to offer you the only child-safe cordless slatted blinds in the UK. The design is perfect for traditional period homes where classic styling is important. They help you control light, TV glare and are quite simply super smart.

Lucas and Chris recommend wooden venetian blinds for...

1. Enhanced privacy
2. Control of sunlight and temperature
3. Stylish and practical solution
4. Water-resistant ( faux wooden blinds )

For a taste of the fabulous range of blinds we have for you to choose from, why not take a peek and learn more.

Our Installations:

How much are we talking for these?

The price of your Venetian blinds will depend on the size of your windows and which fabric type you pick, but to give you a clue, this type of blind generally starts from

Simply call Lucas or Chris on 01756 802810 to arrange a free home visit so we can show you the quality of these versatile blinds.

We’ll measure up, show you all the fabric options and give you a competitive quotation.

Then when you’re ready we’ll install them promptly and help you care for them.

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