We can’t give you exact prices here because each job is unique.

How many do you want, how big are the windows, which type of blind do you fancy? Those are all the questions we’ll discuss with you.

If you are looking for cheap and cheerful then we are probably not the firm for you. You will almost certainly find blinds cheaper somewhere online but you would then have to wrangle with installing them yourself, which can be a very tricky business even if you are DIY savvy.

Our reputation comes from selling only quality blinds from leading manufacturers and taking all the hassle out of it.

We spend time with you recommending the most suitable type for your project and helping you choose blinds that will enhance your property and your lifestyle. We get them made to measure for you and install them with no fuss and no mess. That’s why we are not the cheapest.

Interior designers generally charge much more than we do, however, so You will find our prices to be competitive if you are looking for great customer service and value for money.

To give You some sort of guideline before you pick up the phone,

These are some popular blinds

Window Size: 100 x 120cm

All prices Including

We also provide lifetime aftercare service onsite for your blinds which you simply won’t find elsewhere.

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