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Make Sure You Stay Warm This Winter

With energy prices continuing to rise, we’re all trying to reduce our bills this winter and keep the heat in and the heating down.

Have you considered the heat loss through your windows, and how to reduce it?

Single-glazed or even older double-glazed windows are poor insulators, meaning heat can easily escape; something you don’t want especially this winter! Even the more modern coated glazing can still be improved upon by using a well-fitted window dressing. Blinds, shutters and curtains all act as an extra layer of insulation, helping keep the heat in and saving you energy and money; but which ones are the best insulators? Read on!


Blinds are great at helping make your home more energy efficient as they will keep your room cool during summer and warm in winter. During cold nights, closing the blinds at the right time will add insulation and reduce heat loss, and likewise making sure they’re open on a sunny winter’s day will help heat your room for free!

Generally the better-insulating blinds are those that hang close to the window frame with minimal gaps, and made from thicker material such as blackout or thermal, have a reflective coating, or are made using air gaps or pocket-like honeycomb fabrics.

Roman Blinds with a thermal blackout lining are a great insulator keeping as much heat in the room and trapping those pesky draughts out, along with adding a luxurious touch to your room with their fabric coverings.

The smaller the gap between blind and window frame, the less draughty it will be. Blinds fitted within a frame such as Cassette Blinds or Perfect Fit Blinds are great insulators as they remove all gaps, making them ideal for old draughty windows, and are proven to improve thermal insulation.

Pleated free-hanging honeycomb blinds are perfect at providing thermal insulation as their honeycomb pattern of cells trap the air in, creating a thicker barrier between your cosy room and the cold window space to help reduce heat loss. They also fit snugly into the window with smaller side gaps than using a standard roller blind.

If you prefer a roller blind, choose one with thicker blackout fabric or with a reflective backing; research by Glasgow Caledonian University shows that a reflective roller blind is as effective as a pair of curtains in reducing heat loss on single glazed windows! Both reduced the heat loss by 40%. Thermal roller blinds are also good insulators.

Finally, you could always go remote-controlled so your blinds open and close at the right times each day even if you’re not in, giving you both increased security and a warmer home.

While You’re Here: Find Out If North Blinds Is Right for You

made to measure blinds
Made to measure blinds


Shutters are another effective way of reducing heat loss in your home. Fitting snugly into your windows, they remove any nasty draughts and help keep that heat in at the same time as looking sleek and stylish.

Generally they are made from either wood, MDF, faux wood or vinyl. Due to the frame structure of shutters minimising gaps for draughts, all 4 materials are good at keeping the heat in but if you’re still feeling chilly and think your window needs a little extra something, then try vinyl. Vinyl shutters have a hollow slat which acts like your double glazing by trapping a pocket of air in it, so creating another layer of insulation.

Whilst any internal shutters are good insulators, the best are solid window shutters as they don’t have the gaps between louvres that your more traditional shutter does. Just like your curtains you would keep your solid shutters open during the day to let in the warm sun and close them at night to shut out those draughts.

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The most traditional window dressing, curtains are great thermal insulators as they can reduce heat loss by up to 41% for a single glazed window. Blackout thermal lined curtains are the best at keeping that cold out, with the added bonus of looking and feeling that bit more luxurious!

If your window, like many, typically has a radiator fitted under it, then consider pairing your curtains with a blind. That way you can open the curtains when the blind is closed to keep those draughts at bay but allow the heat from your radiator into the room. Doubling up your curtains with a blind is also generally more energy efficient too, so even if you’re keeping the heating to a minimum it will make a positive difference along with creating a stylish and cosy look.

Bespoke blinds, curtains & shutters

Whatever your window covering preference, a bespoke approach is best if you want to keep warm through the winter. With the right fit, you can minimise any gaps around the window frame to stop heat passing through.

That’s where North Blinds can help, by measuring, supplying and installing window coverings throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire. Our full-service approach ensures that you get only the best blinds, curtains and shutters for your home – combining both form and function for years to come.

Sound good? Get the ball rolling today by calling 01756 802810.

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