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Day and Night Blinds Are the Newest Blinds in Town

Day and night blinds are the newest blinds in town, so we’re here to explain what they do and how to use them!

A Versatile Option

If you’re looking for a blind that gives you more control over light, enabling you to let more in or gradually filter it out then day and night blinds are for you. These are also known as combination blinds, vision blinds and sun-up sun-down shades and are similar to a wooden Venetian blind with slats.

They operate in the same way as a roller blind, with a roller at the top and the blind controlled by a chain or remote control if motorised. You can roll the whole blind up or down so your window is fully exposed or fully covered. That’s where the similarity ends, though.

How Does It Work?

Day and night blinds have a continuous loop of fabric, in a horizontal stripe pattern with alternating translucent and solid fabric stripes. When the blind is partially or fully down, as you adjust the chain, the position of the stripes at the front and back of the fabric loop changes to cross over one another, increasing or decreasing the amount of light filtering in. You can achieve several different light effects.

    • Arrange the solid stripes front and back, touching one another, and you will achieve a continuous block effect, giving you complete privacy from the outside, and you can’t see out. There is also the option to use blackout fabric with a day and night blind to achieve that fully dark room, ideal for bedrooms or a cinema room. If your room gets too hot during the sunny summer months, this will help keep the room cooler.
    • Align the solid and translucent stripes with their partner on both sides of the blind, and you’ll create a striped effect with alternating see-through stripes. This allows maximum light to filter into the room and gives you a view but retains your privacy from those outside unless they get really close for a nosey! Something you can’t get with a traditional roller blind.
    • Adjust the alignment of the stripes anywhere between the two so they start to cross one another to change how much light or privacy you desire, useful in the bright sun or if you have a particular nosey neighbour.

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Bespoke Blinds Of All Kinds

Does this sound right for your home? North Blinds have an array of curtains, shutters and blinds (from simple roller blinds to more versatile day and night blinds) ready to be measured, supplied and installed throughout Lancashire and Yorkshire. Our bespoke approach ensures that every home gets the best possible window covering, tailored to your practical and aesthetic needs.

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